Saturday, October 4, 2008

Build Your Own PIC 16F877A Project Board

Finally we have tested the General purpose PIC 16F877A Project board. This has been archived under the supervision of Prof.Sunil.TT, Shri. Manoj, Shri Dabilulal and Hri Suresh are also participated in this project.

Features :
  • Connectors provided for PortA, PortB, PortC, PortD and PortE.
  • All Port Connectors having Vcc and Ground, No External power required for extension Boards.
  • Provision for connecting ICSP Programmer (you can see it in previous post).
  • One LED And One switch are provided for testing board with out external components.
  • Provided external wire soldering facility in all PORT lines, VCC and GND.

The following add on boards are tested

LCD board
Board with 8 LED
Board with 4 LEDs and 4 Switches.
Real Time Clock with RTC 1307 (I2C)
External EEPROM with 24C21 (I2C)
PWM LED dimming
L293 Motor Controller

All the programs are written in Mikroc 8.0 , Circuits and Programs will publish soon


Hlela said...

Please help me I want to do an up-counter! using the same 16F877A

Hlela said...
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