Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Interface PIC16F877A / 18F452 with RS232C Serial Communication Using CCSC

Communication between a Microcontroller and a Computer is not a big thing. Use a level converter in between Microcontroller and PC. You can test it using a proteus simulation  or directly connect your hardware to PC and use Hiper Terminal for Testing

Here a Simple code for testing Serial Communication

        #include <16F877A.h>
        #DEVICE ADC=10
        #use delay(clock=20000000)
        #use rs232 (baud=9600,rcv=PIN_C7, xmit=PIN_C6)

        int count=0;
        void main()

        //1 Sec Delay

        //Increment Count
        count ++;
        if (count>60)
      {  count=0;}

        //Send data to PC
        printf("\n\r Count Value: %d",count);

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