Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Make an Arduino Shield with Eagle CAD - Tutorial

Eaglecad made by Cadsoft, Arduino  official pcbs and schematic files of the boards are developed and available free of charge to everybody in Eaglecad format.  One of the most important difference between Eaglecad and its competitors is the availability of a version for every of the most common desktop OS: Windows, Linux, Mac. We have to specify that Eaglecad is not Free software but is a commercial one, which can be used in the free version (eaglecad light) only for evaluation purposes and by student but you can’t use the light version in any case when you earn or save money by using it. For further details about licenses and distributors have a look to the official Eaglecad website where you can find all the information you need. Remember that the light version has some limitations; anyway you can design circuit with a discrete complexity, as the one you can see at The limitations are:
 - pcb dimensions not bigger than 100×80 mm;
 - no more than 2 layers;
 - only 1 sheet for schematic.
Here you can see a tutorial which help you to make an Arduino Shield  Link

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