Saturday, September 29, 2012

3.3V-5V Level Translator for Interfacing XBee with PIC/AVR

Circuit  shows the schematic of simple level translator based on very common transistors;

Nowadays most of the devices are running on 3.3 volts, and likewise their communication levels also work on 3.3 volts. For example XBee runs on 3.3 volts and to interface it with microcontrollers running on 5V, one needs to translated voltages levels so that they both communicate.

Parts Used:
  • BC547 (2)
  • BC557 (2)
  • 100 Ohms (2)
  • 47K (2)
  • Interfacing XBee with PIC/AVR or any other 5V Microcontroller for UART Communication.
  • Interfacing GPS Devices.
  • Communication between 3.3 devices with 5V.
You can also download Proteus simulation file to test the circuit;
Download: Transistor Based Level Translator – Proteus Simulation

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